Hit The Road And Have Home Cooked Meals Too!

Owners of motor homes love to travel and see new places – a life of adventure hitting the road less travelled.

They love meeting new people and trying new foods at the places they visit along the way. Sometimes though, there’s nothing like a good home cooked meal which is exactly what you can have when you take to the road in a motorhome with your quarter acre pot!

A sense of adventure, the freedom to travel and still getting a home cooked meal is pretty hard to beat.

Motorhome adventurers’ love the quarter acre pot because it allows them to do just that! Pack up their belongings in the motorhome and hit the road with the knowledge that a home cooked meal is quietly bubbling away for when they arrive at their destination – this makes the destination even more exciting!

The quarter acre pot allows a motorhome enthusiast to prepare a meal before they leave home and let it cook slowly and gently as they motor down the road, so that when they arrive at their destination, supper is ready to eat and they can just relax after a long journey on the road.

No need to worry about disconnecting the shuttle car and traveling into a nearby unknown town to find dinner. It’s right there and ready to enjoy. Get the TV set up and tuned in, then just sit back, eat and relax. Plenty of time to venture into town tomorrow!

Do you know why motorhome adventurers’ love the quarter acre pot so much? Because they can retain their sense of adventure and exciting life of travel but still have all the comforts of home too!

If a family member or friend shows up unexpectedly, they’ll be able to partake in one of your famous home cooked meals served from your quarter acre pot.

Imagine the surprise on their faces when you proudly serve them a delicious meal just like one you would serve back home. They will see right away why you love your motorhome way of life!

If they get up in the morning and decide to leave the camper-van parked, get in the shuttle vehicle to cruise around, they can put a meal together in the slow cooking pot and have a warm lunch or dinner ready and waiting for them when they get back.

You can tire very quickly eating out all the time at high priced restaurants or junky takeaways.

No need to heat up and eat those awful TV dinners either.

With the quarter acre pot, even those adventurous folks that live and travel in their motor homes, can have healthy home cooked meals every night.

Best Day Trips From Rome, Italy

When visiting Rome, Italy, travelers should follow the example of emperors and popes and see some of the surrounding countryside. Fuori parta (beyond the gate), as Ancient Romans noted, lie great treasures. The area surrounding Rome, the region of Lazio, is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy in its own right, and those who travel beyond Rome’s city gates will surely be in for a special treat.

Ostia Antica

To the east of Rome (about a half hour by train) lies Ostia Antica, a site that is considered to be “the Pompeii of Rome.” Once the ancient site of Rome’s port, this area lost its importance when the course of the Tiber River changed, leaving it (some 2,000 years later) a sandy, muddy wasteland.

Founded in the 4th century BC, today it is little more than a site for excavated ruins. Travelers exploring Ostia Antica, however, can gain a better understanding of what life was like in ancient times by exploring the excavations and accompanying museum.

Among the items worth exploring at the site are the mosaic floors with Neptune and the sea goddess Amphitrite at the Terme di Nattuna (Baths of Neptune), the theater built by Agrippa (original creator of the Pantheon in Rome), and the Mithraeum, in which the balconies and walls of this building are decorated with symbols from the Cult of Mithras religion. Close to the ruins of Ostia Antica is the Medieval city of Castello della Rovere, which began in 1483.


Another spot worth journeying to on a day trip from Rome is Tivoli. In ancient times, Tivoli was the place where emperors went to escape the heat and misery of Roman life in the summer. Large palaces and villas were created, but by the Middle Ages, this area had largely been abandoned. It was rediscovered by the elite of the Catholic Church, those cardinals and popes with abundant wealth, who revived the area by building anew.

Today, Tivoli is a beautiful and vibrant area with stunning views and cascading waterfalls. Two jewels remain from ancient times, the Temple of Vesta and the ruins of the Sanctuary of the Sibyl. Most travelers who make the journey from Rome (via bus or train), however, come to see the Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa) or the Villa d’Este’s fabled gardens.

Villa Adriana/Hadrian’s Villa

One of the most accomplished of the Ancient Roman emperors, Hadrian rose to power in 1178 AD, and began a construction boom in Rome (and elsewhere) that was unrivaled. His villa at Tivoli was a masterpiece created by local artisans, which incorporated ideas from Hadrian’s world travels. He much admired Hellenistic (Greek) culture. His vast estate in Tivoli was a conglomerate of baths, theaters, libraries, temples, open-air gymnasiums, and guest pavilions. The most famous element at the Villa Adriana is the Canopus, an artificial pool created to emulate a canal on the Nile. Those exploring the villa would do well, when visiting, to rent the audio tour (along with it, you will receive a complimentary map to help guide your tour of the area).

Villa d’Este

At Tivoli’s center lies the Villa d’Este, built by a cardinal in the 16th century. While the villa itself isn’t much to see today, the main reason for visiting this special spot are its gardens. To create these beautiful water gardens, the Aniene River was diverted, and the result is breathtaking. The gardens of the Villa d’Este are a masterpiece, with sun and shade, water and stone all working together to create a truly unforgettable experience. Perhaps the most romantic time to visit the gardens is on a summer evening, when the floodlit fountains work their magic.

Castelli Romani

Contrary to what their name might imply, the castelli are not castles, but rather charming towns and villages scattered throughout the Alban Hills, which (of course) aren’t really “hills,” but instead remnants of extinct volcanic activity.

These picturesque towns today are surrounded by olive groves, woods full of chestnut trees, and lovely vineyards, with accompanying wine cellars. Among those towns worth exploring are Frescati, with its Villa Aldonbrandini; Castelgandolfo, where the Pope summers (Villa Pontifica); Ariccia, with the beautiful Palazzo Chigi; and Nemi, the smallest but most beautiful of them all.

Whether one travels amongst the hill towns of the Castelli Romani or takes in the stunning villas of Tivoli or takes a step back in time at Ostia Antica, it’s clear that little more than an hour outside Rome (and often less), there is a beautiful Italian countryside worth exploring. Rome is a hard city to leave, but a day trip outside the city is well worth the time away.

The Summerland Promises to Revitalize

Summertime is often a time for people to diligently seek new adventures and vacations. Destination spots can include fun places to explore, new cultures and terrains. These trips are meant to renew, inspire and rejuvenate. Life can sometimes feel mundane or routine. A trip adds a new flavor or spice to life. I want to invite you, however, to try a new type of vacation. Instead of buying that plane ticket this year, why not consider a completely different type of get-away called a stay-cation spiritual retreat.

There is within your own heart, a very exciting and rewarding interdimensional space that is calling you to come home and visit. Perhaps the greatest territory you can ever venture into, is this inner realm of consciousness that dwells in your very own being. Contained within your consciousness is the splendor of your infinite divine higher self. I like to refer to this invisible inner realm as the “Summerland”.

Summerland is a phrase that was coined by the White Eagle Publishing Trust many years ago. In the Summerland, time and space do not exist, love is the overriding element in all things and souls grow wiser in this land. Spirit guides, loved ones who have passed to the other side of life and ascended master teachers all dwell in the Summerland. Sounds like a lovely place to visit doesn’t it? However, the Summerland can’t be found on the internet listed under sites for recreation or adventure.

People come to the Summerland by special invitation from their souls. Eventually, a person may grow weary of seeking satisfaction and fulfillment in external pursuits and expensive dreams and trips. The Summerland comes into your life when you are ready to manifest your greatest self in the world. I have one friend who actually discovered the Summerland while sitting in a solitary confinement cell in prison. She had made some bad choices in life based on an ugly childhood and low self-esteem. While sitting in prison her consciousness expanded beyond the bounds of the cell walls and she was blessed with a metaphysical experience of light and love.

The veil between the dimensions parted and my friend found inner peace and a knowing that passes all understanding. In some ways it was as though she was in a deeply devotional spiritual retreat center. There was no exterior rewards to gain, seek or pursue. She was forced to find solace within a very inhospitable environment. Some people go to monasteries, retreat centers or temples to access the Summerland. My friend tapped into the limitless power of love through deep devotional prayer and quiet.

This radiant source of light and love that she found in the Summerland can be called: God, universal source, or infinite all, to name a few. When the mind is still, the heart is open and one’s focus is diving deeply within, then the conditions are right for the door to the Summerland to open. From this place of love, one can connect with their spirit guides, departed loved ones and ascended master teachers and angels without having to pay a lot to go to retreat centers like Esalen or Omega.

I invite you to spend time in meditation, prayer and stillness and see what mysteries and magic can be revealed to you and how you will be rejuvenated and inspired on your journey forward. The Summerland is a trip you don’t want to miss!

Online Business Travel and Time Sharing

The term “staycation” is a paradox in itself. It has the word “stay” in it, which is the total opposite of the other half of the word-vacation, which means to spend time away from home. However, the amalgamation of both terms brings out a new meaning, and it’s something quite a lot of people do these days, and that is to have some semblance of vacation while staying in. If flying out to another destination is a hassle, or when a weekend getaway at the beach costs an arm and a leg, spending the day in a place close to home, or at a place that’s homey enough could be the best option.

Since staying in has become a new way to spend leisure time, it would be wise to start investing in timesharing. Whether it’s for your personal use, or for online business travel, it will take a while before this trend gets old. A timeshare property is a place or resort that actually allows investors to purchase rights to own that property for a period of time. The customers could either own a property for a specific time each year, or if it has more than one property, the rights could be extended to those locations as well. Moreover, timeshare properties are not limited to resorts and hotels. This is also an option for posh condominiums or vacation houses.

People actually love staying in, especially if the amenities are superb and the other option will either clear out their bank accounts or cut the vacation short because of long travel time. Since your stay at a timeshare property is considered “pre-paid,” you don’t have to spring for cash every time you think about going away for a while. The cost of staying in a timeshare property is a lot lower compared to renting a hotel room or a space at another resort. Although the term itself is alarming because you’d think it is really that expensive to buy a part of the property, this is how it actually works: instead of buying the property yourself, you share the ownership to several other people so that you can stay there for a specific time each year.

Another thing to consider about timesharing is the kind of accommodation it offers. Sure, you can scout for low vacation packages online if you are that good at booking discount vacations. However, if you know your way around online business travel, you will know that investing in timeshare properties is the best way to go about it. Discount vacations offers you low rates, but at the expense of the quality of your accommodation. With timeshare, on the other hand, you practically own part of that resort, hotel, or condominium, that is why getting to stay there without having to pay much does not mean you have to cut corners around the quality of your vacation. Investing in timeshare actually gives you a higher standard of accommodation-if not the highest, it is at least a higher standard than most discount vacations can offer.

Investing in timeshare also gives you a guarantee that you have a place to stay or have your vacation in for at least a week every year. Timeshare are usually recorded in a public register, so not only does it trumps the shady nature of some travel packages, but it also means that you have rights to ownership in that specific property for a lifetime, provided that you pay annual fees on time. You’re even doing yourself a favor when you invest in a timeshare-if you’re the type of person who is really uptight when it comes to work, it will be like you are driving yourself to have at least a week of time off from work by owning a timeshare.

Investing a timeshare offers a lot of advantages, as mentioned earlier. If you’ll compare it to the amount of money you spend on vacations each year, you’ll still get a better deal in a timeshare. It does not really matter if you’re looking at personal use or online business travel purposes. The important thing to note is that it is a worthy investment, and probably the smartest place to put your money into.