Staycations – Get Correct Information

Whenever I talk to somebody from overseas, it always amazes me the places in my own backyard that they have seen. When you go on holiday, you always plan to see things that you don’t see in your home town. But after hearing many people tell me about the wonders in my town that I didn’t even know about, I began to get jealous.

I guess that’s why staycations have taken off as a popular way to holiday. Staycations are vacations that people have right at home. You can camp in your backyard or pay for a night or two at a hotel nearby, and play tourist in your town.

If you don’t know what’s on, pop in to your local information or tourist centre and ask. You’ll be surprised what great things have been going on right under your nose. Wine and dine at a restaurant you were always too afraid to enter. Go to the local theatre and see a play, you could end up seeing the next Al Pacino or Meryl Streep. Visit a local museum and find out interesting things about how your town was founded and the history leading up to it. Find a niche art gallery and look at prints by up and coming artists. Or if they are not your thing, you can be the adventurous tourist by going to a theme park, or snow those mountain trails. Remember to spend a day or two relaxing on the beach or in your hotels pool. You will be amazed and proud at the things your town has to offer.